helloo :)

after this twelve days i'd posted nothing, i got some inspiration by the new CD i received last week. it's Billy Talent III from...Billy Talent ;D
there are so many songs i get..ehm..goose flesh? i don't know the word in english, it's like what your skin does when you freeze..
i don't get this feeling very often, so it's a bit new for me to get it at some songs in a row! :)

so, this post is about..about three days, i listen to music and i wrote down all the songs i get this wonderful feeling, goose flesh :P

today, it's monday, 14.5.
and here are some songs for today:

especially at the passage 
'tear the moon from the stars tonight
twist my arm like a knife tonight
and if you want to leave, that's alright
well i'll just turn these tears into wine'
ok..it's the chorus ;)

Shiny happy people - R.E.M.

do not ask me why! :D
so, today's tuesday, 15.5.:

Paranoid - Black Sabbath
Hand of doom - Black Sabbath


Boulevard of broken dreams - Green Day
Blood, sex and booze - Green Day

..oh, i could name you several songs from Green Day. but i think, two are enough for today! ;))

The dead can't testify - Billy Talent

while cooking chocolate pudding, it's perfect ;)
..now it's raining and listening to Billy Talent fits totally with the weather
oh, today (thursday, 17.5.) there was so much music in my head and i can't describe which of this songs made me feel like..this goose flesh thing!
 but you already got an idea what the songs are like i get this feeling from :)

-->to add, maybee there will be a 'Blogvorstellung' on another blog http://wesearchingforthefuckingperfectworld.blogspot.de/

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  1. I really hope you get this introduction to your blog, would be a big publicity boost... and a good motivation for keeping the blog up ;)